Watch Out for Wear and Tear

A sale isn't a bargain if your purchase won't stand up to normal wear and care. You might not need a magnifier, but do look closely for snags, pills, and shine on seams and in pockets when shopping for clothes.


Keep Your Clothes Out of Mothballs

Mothball odour is stubborn. Once it's in your clothes it's nearly impossible to get it out. Naphthalene is the stinky stuff in mothballs. Moths don't like it. Most people don't like the smell either, which is a good thing since it's toxic and dangerous to use around children. Do your family, your wardrobe, and your nose a favour: don't use mothballs.


Put a Damper on Mold

Mold is tough stuff. Once it invades your wardrobe, you have lost the battle. You won't have to fight mould if you are sure to put your laundry away after it is completely dry. Storing garments in a clean, dry area will prevent mildew, musty smells, dye-bleed, and other forms of water damage.


Get Ahead of the Pack

Be fussy when you travel. If you pack carefully, you can leave your iron at home! Choose fabrics that will withstand the rigours of packing and unpacking. Fold things carefully and be sure your bag is the right size: too big and your clothes will end up in a lump, too small and they will press wrinkles into each other.


Do Leave Them Hanging

Carrying clothes on a hanger is usually a better option than transporting them folded. Except for a few fabrics, folded garments often need touch-up ironing, which adds additional work and time to their care.


Success for Your Dress

Apply deodorant, perfume and/or hair-spray before you dress. Allowing them to dry completely will prevent your clothing from collecting cosmetic oils and residues that are magnets for dirt and traps for stains.


Take the Pain Out of Stains

Some spots and stains are permanent. Your best chance of removing a stain is between 24 and 48 hours after the stain mishap. Start by blotting the stain with a dry, white napkin. Never rub the stain! Rubbing can damage the fibres of the fabric and drive the soil deeper into the weave. Be sure to point out the stain to your drycleaner and mention the cause of the stain.


Wear and Wash (or Dryclean)

Wearing clothes more than once without laundering can shorten the lives of your garments.


Take the Starch Out of It

Starch can cause fabric to turn brittle and shorten the life of your garments. Starch creates pin-sized holes that can result in premature tearing at stress points. Proper laundering preserves the texture and colours of your clothes and eliminates the need for starch.


Unpack Your Bags

Do not store your clothes in drycleaner bags. Bags are only meant to protect your clothes from damage between your drycleaner's and your home. Drycleaner bags are also very dangerous around children and pets. Besides, bags can trap moisture from the air inside and may cause considerable damage to your garments. Always collect your clothes promptly on the delivery date to minimize their time in drycleaner bags.

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