Professional Care
For Your Garments.

From Dry Cleaning to
Restoration and Fixes

Dry Cleaning

We promise you every garment is always cleaned with virgin/fresh dry cleaning fluid free from any contaminants and thus ensuring hygiene. We are the only dry cleaner in the country to offer two cleaning technologies namely Tetrachloroethylene and Hydrocarbon.


Fabrikare's automated machine steam pressing takes the wrinkles out. Our expert pressers make sure that pleats are sharp and that smooth areas are unpleated and wrinkle free. Choose to have your garments folded or returned to you on a hanger.

Stain Removal

Fabrikare offers a best cleaning guarantee. We use the best possible method in assessing and processing each garment we accept. We will not compromise your garment with harsh treatment and do our best when it comes to stain removal.


Come to Fabrikare for thorough cleaning, free from contaminants. We import 95% of our cleaning supplies from the best sources in our industry and use only allergen free and bacterial free detergents added to pure reverse osmosis water.

Garment Repair

Don't discard your favorites due to small imperfections. We offer free minor repairs including mending, darning, reweaving, and button replacement with your cleaning order.


We specialize in fine care for your bed linens and flatware, from stain assessment through laundering, pressing and packaging.


Our processes are geared to prolong the life of your garments and can restore the sheen of older items. Re-dying and reshaping may also revitalize the original beauty of some garments. Contact us for an assessment.

Quick Service

Next day and same day service is available. Please contact the nearest outlet or refer to the FAQ page for more details.

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Services impacted due to COVID-19

Due to the current lockdown measures implemented by Government of Telangana, we are unable to return your completed and existing (in progress) orders until further notice. Inconvenience is highly regretted. PLEASE STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY AND STAY HOME